The Wolf Shower Experience

The way showering 

was meant to be.

The Wolf Shower Experience

The way showering was meant to be.

How It Works

Formulated with natural ingredients, 

 replenished automatically every other month.

Receive 3 aluminum bottles 

filled with product and a loofa.

Refills and a fresh loofa 

sent every other month.

Replenish your bottles.


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Try Before You Buy

Receive a set of 3 mini samples of our shampoo, conditioner and body wash for free. 

 Just pay for shipping!

The Way of the Wolf

Custom Aluminium Bottles

Luxurious custom made, rustproof aluminum bottles, adding a heightened aesthetic to your shower experience while reducing waste.

All Natural Ingredients



Not tested 

on animals

Paraben free, 

Sulfate free


Recyclable Pouches

Emphasizing sustainability, our recyclable pouches use approximately 60% less plastic than a rigid plastic bottle.

Fresh Loofa Every Other Month

Studies show that loofas should be replaced every other month. 

Replacing your loofa regularly is important as the warm and moist shower environment acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. Our loofa is also 100% recyclable..

Why Refill Every Other Month?

Our specially designed pump releases 2ml of product each press and has been specifically engineered to provide you with just the right amount of product each day so that you receive your refill just in time.

Buy Individually

$ 24.99 CAD
$ 24.99 CAD
Body Wash & Loofa
$ 29.99 CAD
Product & Loofa Refill Pack
$ 34.99 CAD

What are you waiting for?

Subscribe to the Wolf shower experience. Get your initial shower set of 3 filled aluminum bottles and a loofa, and get refills sent to your door automatically every time you run out.