Scott Mallory - Founder TEDxECUAD

Filmmaker, VFX Artist, Musician, Author, Educator, This week’s Wolf Series we connect with Scott Mallory and talk about possibilities and the importance of using all the tools available to us to have a better understanding of the world around us.

Born in Washington, DC, Mallory has also pursued studies in the arts at the London Film Academy, Prague Film School and at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. His video and audio work has been exhibited and screened in film festivals, art fairs and galleries across the United States.

He participates in research for “Leaning Out of Windows”, a project designing models of “hybrid research” between artists and physicists at TRIUMF, Canada’s national particle physics lab, towards understanding the nature of reality.

He is the Founder and Lead Organizer of TEDxECUAD, a TED Conferences vanguard attendee, and media arts faculty at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.