A Wolf is a man that is always on the hunt for more.

More, not to impress others or show-off, but purely out of personal ambition.

A Wolf doesn't need validation, he knows what he wants and

will stop at nothing to attain it. He surrounds himself with other Wolves, 

knowing that only those with the same animal instinct will understand

this obsession for more. He selects those he hunts with, with the same

precision that he selects his goals, knowing that he only eats with

those that are as hungry as he is. 



From the very beginning, when the founders sat down to discuss the

core values of Wolf Clothing Co. it was clear this brand would be one that

a certain type of man would appreciate. A man that knows exactly what he

wants out of life and stops at nothing to get it. One that knows it takes hard work,

style and intelligence to get to the top. At Wolf Clothing Co. we cater to this

individual and bring quality to the forefront in our product. This includes the

precise combination of materials used to make the product, right down to

the custom Wolf packaging.  Through its product, Wolf Clothing Co.

strives to offer a unique experience that symbolizes grit and a

resistance to conformity while adding class and depth to your outfit.

The brand’s aesthetic, product, and mentality remain true to its roots: 

Know what you do, why you do it, and kill it.