February 09, 2019

David Goldman - Boysco.

This weeks Wolf Series we got the opportunity to chat with a local retail legend David Goldman of Boys Co. @boysco.

It was great to catch up with David as he shared his passion for family and building meaningful relationships. David shared some of the history his family has had in the local community in relation to the retail sector and the importance of a strong work ethic.

With multiple generations in the business and many long term colleagues it is quite evident that David is someone that is true to his word.

Shot and edited by our friend @calvinkhara.

Make sure to check out more wolf series at https://www.wolfclothingco.com/blogs/wolf-series.

July 14, 2018

Martin McNish - Founder, 100 Men Who Give a Damn - Vancouver

This weeks Wolf Series features Martin McNish , the founding member of the Vancouver Chapter of 100 Men who Give a Damn @100menvan. This is a terrific organization that offers men the opportunity to get involved with charities and immediately see your contribution put in action.

Martin believes in making the most of what you have been given and not taking things for granted. He values family and community and has been a volunteer at Camp Kerry, a bereavement retreat for families dealing with loss and grief.

Wolf is proud to support 100 Men Vancouver chapter, so make sure to check out the next event this Tuesday July 17th at The Vancouver Club. For more information check out https://www.100menvan.com.

July 07, 2018

Modello Bespoke Suiting - Danny Bassi

This week we connect with Danny Bassi , the man behind Modello Bespoke Suiting. Danny shared with us not only the importance of looking well , but living well. Danny is passionate about quality, integrity, and living with a sense of purpose.

To get yourself fitted and find out more, check out wearmodello.com and @wearmodello.


June 30, 2018

Harnarayan Singh - Hockey Night in Canada

In this week's Wolf Series we sit down with Harnarayan Singh, Sports Broadcaster for Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi to discuss where his passion for broadcasting stems from, being a visible minority in the broadcasting industry and the path that led him to Hockey Night in Canada!


March 14, 2018

Scott Mallory - Founder TEDxECUAD

Filmmaker, VFX Artist, Musician, Author, Educator, This week’s Wolf Series we connect with Scott Mallory and talk about possibilities and the importance of using all the tools available to us to have a better understanding of the world around us.

Born in Washington, DC, Mallory has also pursued studies in the arts at the London Film Academy, Prague Film School and at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. His video and audio work has been exhibited and screened in film festivals, art fairs and galleries across the United States.

He participates in research for “Leaning Out of Windows”, a project designing models of “hybrid research” between artists and physicists at TRIUMF, Canada’s national particle physics lab, towards understanding the nature of reality.

He is the Founder and Lead Organizer of TEDxECUAD, a TED Conferences vanguard attendee, and media arts faculty at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

October 14, 2017

Kam Singh Bains - Singh Styles

In this week's Wolf Series we speak with Kam Bains, also known as Singh Styles, to discuss how he entered into fashion, the importance of style, how fashion promotes inclusivity and the key to achieving you goals!

August 16, 2017

Markus Kaulius - Founder, Magnum Nutraceuticals

We had the opportunity to sit down with Markus Kaulius, Founder of Magnum Nutraceuticals to discuss how he got started in the supplement business, his motivating factors, how he keeps integrity at the forefront of his business and what makes a man in today's society!

July 08, 2017

Jas Dhillon - Offensive Lineman, B.C. Lions

In this week's Wolf Series, Jas Dhillon of the B.C. Lions sits down with us to chat about his football career, respecting 'the process', where following your passion can lead you, and his views on the youth of today.

June 24, 2017

Gary Singh (DJ Supersingh) - Co-Owner, MIB RoadShow

This week's Wolf Series features Gary Singh (DJ Super Singh , MIB RoadShow to discuss how his passion for music, entertainment, and commitment to his community has lead him to where he is today!

June 03, 2017

Michael Uppal - Senior Advisor, Project Know Now

In this week's Wolf Series, Michael Uppal of Project Know Now joins us to chat about why it's important to align with your passions and how Project Know Now is working with youth to show them that you don't always have to take the conventional career path.